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Special Guest
Director, Musician, Writer, Artist, Actor.
You may know him from his iconic roles in movies & shows like "LOST", "Game of Thrones", "Oz", "The Bourne Identity", 'Mummy Returns", "Get Rich or Die Trying" and "Suicide Squad", but now he's bringing his stylish flair to Lux Afrique Polo Day 2024 on July 27th, 2024!
Melvin Odoom is a British radio DJ and television presenter. His work on radio has been recognised at the Sony Radio Awards for the Kiss 100 radio breakfast show (2009–2018), and he has presented BBC Radio 1 Livelounge (2019–2021).
Annaliese Dayes is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist, and luxury lifestyle expert, with a passion for polo, travel, and fine living, and is best known for her eponymous luxury concierge and lifestyle management company.
Main Artist
Polo Players - Team Ihunaanya
Polo Players - Team Okwagala