Refund Update!!

Refund Update

  • Lux Afrique Polo Day is offering every ticket holder automatic transfer for the next polo event taking place on 31st of July 2021 giving all guests an immediate alternative. Should you be unable to attend next year’s polo event, dont worry. We are hosting a series of events throughout 2021 allowing you to redeem your ticket at these events too.
  • Unfortunately, refunds cannot be automated. Customers with a ticket can automatically redeem it at the next polo event. There’s no need to do anything.
  • Customers who choose not to accept transfer or use their ticket for next year polo event can apply for a refund and will be processed once this crisis has passed. 
  • Over the coming months, we will be working hard to process refund requests as quickly as we can but please note that we have invested heavily into this year’s event, which is now running at a loss.
  • It would be tremendously and economically helpful to us if everyone considers using their valid ticket for next year event. This will help us ensure we retain 100% of our staff. Refunds will mean having to let go of a high number of staff and team members.
  • Should you still want a refund, the processing time for refunds will take far longer than normal due to COVID-19.
  • Deadline for applying for refunds is 25th of July 2020 (after this date our system will automatically transfer your ticket to next year polo event).
  • We sincerely apologise for these unavoidable delays and cancellations and we sincerely thank customers for their patience during these unprecedented times.
  • The good news is , this allows us to plan for a bigger event with all bells and whistles for next years event. We are looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you for your understanding.